February 07: Happy Rose Day 2016

Happy Rose Day

Rose Day today has officially kickstarted Valentine Week 2016

Happy Rose Day 2016

Couples exchange Roses on this day. The Roses exchanged might be red roses, or in favourite colour of the couple. Young ones would generally exchange roses with their close friends.

All you people in love be ready to give your love a single rose, or a couple of roses or even a bunch of roses to shower love on them. Ofcourse the number of roses you give them on Rose Day doesn’t say anything about the amount of love you have, it just depends on your pocket. To show love, even a single rose does the job. On Rose Day, it is the thought and togetherness that matters.

Happy Rose Day 2016

Each of the day of Valentine Week is a just a special excuse day to show and shower your love to your partner. But nothing could say Happy Rose Day than a 24K Gold rose!

Valentine Special Rose Day Rose in 24k Gold slanted

This special Happy Rose Day golden rose has petals and leaves made of 99.9% gold foil of 24-carat purity. The scape of the flower is gold plated. The whole flower is a cutie at 16cm in size. Since there’s gold involved, the special Rose Day set comes with a certificate about purity of gold.

Every female, be it your girlfriend or your wife, loves flowers and specially roses. Valentine Special Happy Rose Day Rose in 24k Gold perfectly combines the two timeless symbols that a woman values for their richness and beauty both, Gold and Rose. Roses have always been able to appeal to women, specially when they are gifted with thought from that special male in their life.

Valentine Special Rose Day Rose in 24k Gold box & certificate
The Happy Rose Day special rose comes in a beautiful box.

Valentine Special Rose Day Rose in 24k Gold standing

From a reviewer on Amazon

A very Royal & rear collection
Words is less for expressing it’s beauty

Really wonderful & Awesome a piece of Rose.

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