Rose Day: What does colour of a rose mean?

Rose Day is a special day. It marks the start of Valentine Week every year.

Loving Couple on Rose Day

Flowers are the best way to tell someone that you value them a lot. You could send flowers to someone special any day of the year, like on New Year’s and your anniversary, but when there’s a special day for them, be sure to send them that day!

Since ages flowers have been quite a popular way to express ‘love’, or ‘like’ for the young ones. One can do that using different colours of the roses on Rose Day. Some girls have a special liking to a particular rose colour, and giving that special coloured one will bring out emotions in them which you didn’t know existed.

Meaning of different Rose colours

Red Rose on Rose Day.

Bouquet of roses

Bouquet of roses

Red Rose is a pure expression of love towards the other. It is an unmistakable symbol to express love. The red ones convey love, longing and desire for the other person in very clear unquestionable terms.

White Rose on Rose Day.

Bouquet of Roses Cutout

Bouquet of Roses Cutout

White Rose symbolises purity, chastity and innocence, just like the colour white does. In keeping with the characteristics, white roses symbolise 2 completely opposite meanings when given to someone – one is the beginning of a relationship and the other is the end of a relationship. Suggest you to be very clear when gifting someone a white one.

Yellow Rose on Rose Day.

yellow roses

yellow roses

Giving some a Yellow Rose is a expression of exuberance. It is generally given to a friend on Valentine’s Day to brighten up her on such a special day.

Pink Rose on Rose Day.

Pink Rose Day

Pink Rose Day

Pink Rose just like the colour pink is full of grace, and stands for admiration towards the person, joy and gratitude for them. A pink rose lies between a Red and White Rose for that someone. It implies you are wanting to be more than friends, but are still not at the ‘love’ stage for them. A baby pink rose is the best way to go to tell that someone special that you ‘like’ them quite a bit.

Orange Rose on Rose Day.

Orange Rose Day

Orange Rose Day

Orange Rose has a bit of a stronger emotions linked to it than the pink ones. It has a stranger colour and signifies passion and energy for your loved one. If you have intense desire for the person you want gift a rose on this Rose Day, Orange is the colour for you to tell them about your lust for them.

Peach Rose on Rose Day.

Pile of pink rose blossoms

Pile of pink rose blossoms

Peach Rose is usually sent to subtly express your appreciation for the person you are gifting it to.

It could be to show that you blush in front of your friends whenever your name is mentioned. Yep! That feeling.


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