Gift him this Valentine’s Day

There are special ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day. You can do that by saying some beautiful lines

Love is just too weak of a word to express what I feel for you. One life is just not enough to tell you how madly in love I am with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The day we met is a day I will never ever forget. I have never been so happy since they day I found you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

Girl you have been pampered this whole week by the special guy in your life, complete with a rap song we hope. It’s time to make your man feel special now. The time is right, the day is perfect.

If your man knows your needs and has listened to us, you would have everything you need to remind you of the love he has for you, and the special day he has planned for you, probably very special. He has made his intentions clear to you over the week, now be nice and give him a gift or two to show you love him too.

Half Helmet

Happy Valentine's Day gift him half helmet

If your guy is the biking types, you would want him back safe and sound every time he goes riding out there. Studds is actually the best helmet brand out there to ensure safety, and a safe head is quite something to gift him.

The helmet has a high quality UV resistant polyurethane paint on top for aesthetics, the visor is made of polycarbonate with silicon dry hard coating making it scratch resistant. It comes with chinstrap mechanism for quick release.

Face Mask to gift him

Happy Valentine's Day gift him face mask neck warmer

With pollution rising these days, it gets hard to breathe as-is, but while one’s on a ride there’s added trouble of dirt and dust particles. This face mask doesn’t just keep junk particles away from nose and mouth, but also protects the neck from any unwanted impacts with bees while riding.


Happy Valentine's Day gift him Kamasutra deo pack

An evergreen thing to gift him. Deodorants never go out of style, and one doesn’t stop needing them!

Your man might be the shy kind though.

All through the Valentine Week you have been been gifted things. On Rose Day, you got a special colour of rose making his intentions clear to you. Then on Propose Day he got down on his knee and proposed to you. He went on to gift you your favourite chocolate(s) for Chocolate Day, didn’t he? He then got you the life-sized Teddy you couldn’t carry on your own on Teddy Day. He made you just the right promises that he promised to keep on Promise Day. You closed those promises with a hug on Hug Day and sealed them with kisses on Kiss Day. My boy Valentine’s Day is no different than any of these days.

On each of these days, he made his intentions clearer to you. If you didn’t reciprocate to him in the way he expected you to, he might be shy to take the next step on Valentine’s Day. Be the one to take that extra step, and gift him the Durex Love Box.

Valentine's Day Gift her durex love box

Clear any doubts he might have about where the relationship is heading, or where you want the relationship to head.

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