February 08: Happy Propose Day 2016

Happy Propose Day

Happy Propose Day 2016

It is the day to propose to your crush, or officially propose for marriage to the Love of your life.

While there are many ways to propose to that someone special in your life, but if you want to keep it simple, a card and a well-meant gift can get your feelings across very well.

How about a Propose Day Greeting card, a Rose and a Heart Locket as a gift this Propose Day?

Happy Propose Day 3

You can never fail with a Red Rose on Propose Day, infact Happy Propose Day cannot be happy without a Red Rose. The heart locket of the combo clearly passes on your intention to her too, it has Love written on top of it 🙂 and opens up to show 2 hearts. Get creative and insert yours and hers photo in the hearts to show her what you really mean.

The Greeting Card has a lovely message inside it too to wish Happy Propose Day to her.
Happy Propose Day card

It says,

I love the way you look at me, always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, and glad that you are mine.
Wishing you happy LOVE.

Even though the gift combo is a great idea for celebrating any day of the Valentine’s Week, if you want to be really clear to you girl that you are wishing her Happy Propose Day, here’s a coffee mug

Happy Propose Day coffee mug

The mug makes sure that your message gets across very clearly to her this Propose Day that she means the world to you, and you are going to be there for her at all times.

Planning to Propose?

We have you covered! Proposing on Propose Day

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