7 kind of Hugs for Hug Day, plus an extra

Just like different roses for Rose Day have different meanings, there are different kinds of hugs for Hug Day too. Hugs on Hug Day or any other day are not only for lovers, they are equally for people you care about.

Some types of hugs.

1. Teddy Hug

Happy Hug Day Teddy Hug

If you received a Teddy on Happy Teddy Day, this would be the perfect time to give the Teddy and the person who gifted it to you a Hug this Hug Day.

2. Tight Hug

Hug Day tight hug

One Tight is all that is needed to solve every problem you have. When given to the one you love, a Hug Day tight hug acts as a conductor of love from you to them!

3. Side Hug

Hug Day side hug

A hug but not intimate in any way. When you are not really friends with someone, but it is time to pass a hug around on Hug Day, give them a side hug.

4. Surprise Hug

Hug Day Surprise Hug

No surprise in what it entails. There is no better surprise like a surprise hug on any day. Surprising your love on Hug Day like this is the best way to show your love.

5. Embracing Hug

Happy Hug Day Embracing Hug

You just simply embrace and hold on to that person for long showing your love and respect for them. Imagine holding your love for hours in an embrace where you don’t want to let go of them! Yep!! That’s the hug.

This is the kind of hug which symbolises strong affection, closeness and shows how things are comfortable and cozy between you two.

6. Catch Hug

Happy Hug Day catch hug

The hug you get and give when you meet them after a long time, atleast when it seems long to you. The Hugger tells the Huggee that they have been missed a lot during the time the two were away.

7. Squeeze Hug

Happy Hug Day Squeeze Hug

You know the hugs you hear about which kind of literally push the air out of you, they actually exist. When you love the person so much, and they did something really special for you, a tight hug just doesn’t make it, you need to give them a squeeze hug for that! When a squeeze hug is given, the Huggee is lifted a tad into the air. Nope, size doesn’t matter.

8. Romantic Hug with a kiss

Happy Hug Day Romantic Hug with a kiss

It is the kind of hug which ends with a kiss, ALWAYS! It sometimes has to even if you didn’t plan it to.

A hug of your forehead is a sweet gesture and a symbol of respect he holds for you. Feel beautiful, because he believes you are really beautiful.

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