Gift her this Valentine’s Day

There are special ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day. You can do that by saying some beautiful lines

I’ve fallen in love many times… always with you.

Yes I am selfish because I will never share you with anyone.

my worst enemy is my heart because it is mine,but beats for you only

The best and most beautiful things in the world can’t be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

Even though you might have presented her with a rose on Rose Day, but doing it all over again on Valentine’s Day is a good idea. Get down on your knees, ready to propose again on St. Valentine’s Day and gift her another one of the special roses.

Valentine's Day gift her golden brass rose

The Valentine Week is essentially made of up day which a girl expects to happen on Valentine’s Day, all what a guy would generally gift her. Over time it has been made into a tradition to break down each of those expectations into a day of itself to define different kinds of relationships we have created over time, a tad bit complicated too.

Valentine’s Day is still the special day though, when you have to gift her, propose to her again, give her a rose, hug and kiss her too. It is the day where you gift her beyond the kisses too, or maybe she gifts it to you.

If you know, you are going to gift her or get the gift of lovemaking on the day, we have a very special package you can absolutely gift her!

Durex Love Box

Valentine's Day Gift her durex love box

Why to gift her?

Why shouldn’t she gift it to him? – you ask!

Why did you gift her every day of the Valentine Week, and she didn’t.

All through the Valentine Week you have been the one to gift her, and even on Valentine’s Day we suggest you gift her the Durex Love Box. You did so because you want to make your intentions clear to her. On Rose Day, you had to quench the urge to tell her that she’s special to you by choosing the colour of rose. Then on Propose Day you got down on your knee and proposed to her. You gifted her her favourite chocolate(s) for Chocolate Day, didn’t you? You then went on to gift her that life-sized Teddy, which is probably even too big for her to carry on her own on Teddy Day. Then you made promises that you’ll keep on Promise Day. You closed those promises with a hug on Hug Day and sealed them with kisses on Kiss Day. My boy Valentine’s Day is no different than any of these days. On each of these days, you made it clearer to her your intentions about her, be it friendly, lovely or lusty, and on V-Day you wonder why still you?

I’ll tell you why!!

Because you love her, and this is the day you have been building the excitement for.

Valentine's Day Gift her durex love box contents

The Durex Love Box is really a complete package deal for the special Valentine’s Day you have built up to, to gift her. Just look at what it contains:

10 pack of Feel Thin condoms

10 pack of Pleasure Me condoms

10 pack of Excite Me condoms

a pack of single Play Vibrations ring

2 in 1 massage gel

and a Dice game

Valentine's Day Gift her durex feel me

Valentine's Day Gift her durex feel thin

Valentine's Day Gift her durex play vibrations

Married? She’s an Awesome Wife

Happy Valentine's Day gift her awesome wife mug
Are you married?
Can’t stop telling your wife how awesome she is?

Did you get a chance to tell her friends how awesome she is? I bet you couldn’t cover them all. This mug will help you get the message across.

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