February 10: Happy Teddy Day 2016

Happy Teddy Day 2016

A Bear Hug never hurt anybody ever. It in-fact solves many a problems. Gift someone you care about, a teddy, to hug when they need you but you are not around.

A Teddy Bear traditionally has been that big and fluffy huggable plush toy. Now they come in all sizes varying from just a couples of inches tall to a few feet high. There are Happy Teddy Day Teddy’s on a keychain, and there are one’s which are 6 feet in height.

The tall ones are actually life like. The good thing is the proportion of height to width of all sizes is maintained at both ends, making the taller ones a pure hugging joy.

The smaller ones are a more practical way to show your intentions. Plus they are easier to carry around when you are in a kind-of-a secret relationship. They make immense sense at such times.

We found a few such Teddy’s for you this Happy Teddy Day

I Love You Teddy With Flower Stuffed, Soft and Plush

Happy Teddy Day 2016 I Love You Teddy With Flower Stuffed, Soft and Plush
This teddy bear is made of soft and non-toxic fabric. An adorable looking teddy, it has Soft and Cuddly filling and a hugging joy for the recipient.

Life Size Teddy Bear

Happy Teddy Day 2016 life size
A life size Teddy Bear for Happy Teddy Day is not a light deal. It weighs at 5 kilograms. But one look and you cannot keep away from it. It is like a must have for those who like Teddy’s. Ofcourse like anything oversized you need extra large space to keep it safe.

If you know your loved one has space for it, get it and gift it!

In Love with a Scholar?

Happy Teddy Day 2016 Scholar Teddy
Are you someone who’s in love with the scholarly kind? You know someone who studies a lot, and maybe has a PhD. Having a PhD though is not a requisite to gift this Scholary Teddy to them, they just need to be the studious kind.

You could even give this to someone who you think needs a morale boost to study more! It never hurts.

Love for each other

Happy Teddy Day 2016 Teddies on Heart
When you are living together as a couple, a single Teddy on Happy Teddy Day might not get feeling across, because you something to show your love for each other.

For this purpose alone, this light weight and soft Teddy Couple is the best buy for couples in love and living together.

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