Make Promises to keep promises

make promises always be near me

There are always promises which a personknows that they cannot keep. Don’t make promises you cannot keep.

Let us first talk about which not to make promises:

      1. To quit smoking, drinking – This is not a promise to be made of Promise Day. Do wish a Happy Promise Day, but don’t go on to make promises you know you won’t be able to keep. Plus quitting on smoking and drinking is not really a romantic promise to make on such a day.
      2. To give up on your sleep for your partner – Normal people don’t have control over their sleep. If you try to play with sleep, it will overcome your will and make you lose at the game. Don’t fight it. Find time in your schedule for your partner.
      3. To share your food – If you want the last slice of Pizza for yourself, don’t offer it to be shared, because everyone generally has their eye on the last slice. It must be something to it being the last slice that makes its extra tempting to everyone.
      4. To give up on your friends because your partner doesn’t like them – Your friends have seen you through thick and thin, they know your lifeline very well. Your partner is special to you, but that doesn’t make the friends mean anything less that the partner. Your partner might have a different idea of friends, but like anything in life, no 2 friends are alike.
      5. To not look at any one else but your partner – It takes immense willpower to look away when someone attractive passes you. Even if you have that kind of willpower, don’t make promises you shouldn’t keep.

These are not somethings you should make promises about on Happy Promise Day.

What you may make promises about? Below are some ideas, but make you sure, once you make promises, you see through them AND You make them happen.

make promises to always be mine

      1. Promise of togetherness – Thats what everyone in love wants: to make promises of being together and keeping them forever. Say Love You a few extra times than regular and show them you mean it when you say that you are going to be together forever.
      2. Promise of honesty – Honesty is the best policy. Some people learn it the hard way in life. Always be honest with your partner. If you ever have been dishonest with your partner, openly make promises about being honest with each other. Everyone values a person who is honest with them.
      3. Promise of love – Love is the key behind the Valentine’s Day and whole of Valentine Week. You got to promise your love for them, unconditional and unlimited forever.
      4. Promise of happiness – Happy faces are the best kind of faces. Make promises to yourself and your love that whatever happens you’ll do everything in power to stay happy and positive throughout the situations.
      5. Promise of friendship – Friendship is the building block of any and every meaningful relationship. Make a promise to your love of being their friend forever and let love come secondly only, because in the end friendship keep the boat afloat.


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