February 09: Happy Chocolate Day 2016

Happy Chocolate Day

Shower love in the form of Chocolate on your loved ones.

Nobody can say ‘No’ to chocolate on any day anyways. The special day of Happy Chocolate Day on February 09 makes chocolates all the more special. On this day, you absolutely cannot say NO to any kind of chocolate. It might be a┬áblessing in disguise, or it might not be; it depends on if you get your favourite chocolate or the one you hate.

Some people like, milk chocolate which is generally white in colour, some like dark chocolate with concentrated chocolate in it. To the Indian palate neither of the tastes is well accustomed. Most of the people even on Happy Chocolate Day would like a chocolate which is between the 2 extremes.

Ferrero Rocher

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Ferrero Rocher 24p
It is an Italian brand that has become extremely popular in India as a gift chocolate. If you are planning to gift your girlfriend a chocolate pack this Happy Chocolate Day, gift this 24 chocolate pack, as Ferrero Rocher is really popular with the girls.

Cadbury Assorted

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Cadbury pack
If you have a purely Indian taste for Chocolate, even this Happy Chocolate Day, go the Cadbury way. You cannot go wrong with the Cadbury special occasion edition.


Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Kisses

They are the most popular kind of White chocolate available in the market. Plus their name


Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Hershey's Kisses

Your girl cannot just say no to it, and it shows what you want right away in its name too!

Heart Chocolate Box

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Heart Chocolate Box
Nothing says you are special like a box of chocolate shaped like a heart and I Love You’s all over the box. Gotta have one!

Cadbury Silk Bubbly

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Cadbury Silk Bubbly
The evergreen favourite of every girl out there. Since it’s launch in India, Cadbury Silk has been very popular. When you take a bit off it, you can actually get the silky feel the name talks about.

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