February 13: Happy Kiss Day 2016

Happy Kiss Day 2016

Put your kissing skills on test with your partner who accepted your proposal just 4 days back.

Kiss Day is the penultimate day of Valentine Week. It has to be special. Ideally, if you did everything correctly, and the other person, whom you proposed, feels the same love for you as you do, you have a lot to look forward to today!

A kiss is the final form of love, binding you in a bond of love for forever. After you have given her a rose, proposed, shared a  chocolate, gifted a Teddy, made promises you’ll keep, given a special hug, you are right on your way to a very Happy Kiss Day and making Valentine’s Day 2016 a very special day!

Lips of Coffee Mug

Happy Kiss Day Coffee Mug Flipkart

Did you know kisses are a great way to burn calories?

Who knew such a pleasurable activity on Happy Kiss Day can help you looses those extra kilos too!

Remind your love, your proposal, how much you love kissing them via this Coffee Mug. A everyday reminder of the kisses you have shared and that you are going to be sharing every day in the future.

Love is Heat and you are Sweet

Happy Kiss Day Love is a heat

When you and your love don’t live together constantly, the next best thing is a reminder to them for the love you have.

What better than a cushion for them to sleep on? Before they go to sleep, the Happy Kiss Day cushion will remind them of all the kisses you have shared. When they wake up the next day, the Happy Kiss Day cushion will make them look forward to sharing more kisses with you.

Proposing on Propose Day

Propose Day is an important part of the Valentine Week ritual. If you haven’t proposed the one you long for, you won’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, now would you?

So if you are in love, you got to profess you love to the one you love. Go out there and show them it.

Need some help in actually making Propose Day worthwhile? Our friends at WhatsApp Messages have help ready for Propose Day for us.

Happy Propose Day!!

Love is a gift

Propose Day: Love is a gift

Love is a gift

What remains is that I will always love You

Propose Day: What remains is that I will always love you

What remains is that I will always love You

I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens

Propose Day: I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens

I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens

Marriage proposal on Propose Day

Are you planning to ask her or him to marry you this Propose Day? No better day, I tell you. But how do you convey it? Let’s take a look at unique ways people around the world have proposed to their better halves, and get an idea about how to do it on Propose Day

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Tim’s Meme Proposal

Dave’s Accelerator Proposal

Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal From 26 Countries, 4 Years In The Making

Guy Falls Off Building Marriage Proposal

The Biker Who Stopped Traffic And Broke The Law For Love

The Long Exposure Proposal

The Marine Who Proposed At The White House

Propose Day

The 365-Day Proposal

Each of the proposal is special. What makes each one of them special is that the proposer knew what the other half valued a lot. Getting the other person in a zone which makes them feel special, show them that you know what they mean to you, is a very important purpose of the whole of Valentine Week, and you can make each day special like Propose Day.

February 08: Happy Propose Day 2016

Happy Propose Day

Happy Propose Day 2016

It is the day to propose to your crush, or officially propose for marriage to the Love of your life.

While there are many ways to propose to that someone special in your life, but if you want to keep it simple, a card and a well-meant gift can get your feelings across very well.

How about a Propose Day Greeting card, a Rose and a Heart Locket as a gift this Propose Day?

Happy Propose Day 3

You can never fail with a Red Rose on Propose Day, infact Happy Propose Day cannot be happy without a Red Rose. The heart locket of the combo clearly passes on your intention to her too, it has Love written on top of it 🙂 and opens up to show 2 hearts. Get creative and insert yours and hers photo in the hearts to show her what you really mean.

The Greeting Card has a lovely message inside it too to wish Happy Propose Day to her.
Happy Propose Day card

It says,

I love the way you look at me, always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, and glad that you are mine.
Wishing you happy LOVE.

Even though the gift combo is a great idea for celebrating any day of the Valentine’s Week, if you want to be really clear to you girl that you are wishing her Happy Propose Day, here’s a coffee mug

Happy Propose Day coffee mug

The mug makes sure that your message gets across very clearly to her this Propose Day that she means the world to you, and you are going to be there for her at all times.

Planning to Propose?

We have you covered! Proposing on Propose Day