February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

Take an OFF, and spend the day with your partner, the one you love.

Happy Valentine's Day

This is it!

This is the day which the Valentine Week is created around. It’s Happy Valentine’s Day you all!

Nothing says I Love You better than saying I Love You.

There are ways you can surely convey it better. Rather than just saying it, you can show your love in your actions, or in the well thought gifts you can get them.

Happy Valentine’s Day Teddy

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Tile Stand

Nothing says I love you better than a cute teddy sitting on bedside announcing

I want to be
the only Hand
you ever need
to Hold

Happy Valentine’s Day Cushion and Rose

Happy Valentine's Day Cushion Message Rose

A cushiony cushion for your love friend telling them that yours is the only hand that they need to hold on is a gentle but firm reminder of your love for them on Happy Valentine’s Day. Plus a Message Plate saying the same thing, can be used as twice the reminder ūüôā

A Red Rose is the right way to say I Love You on any day of the year, and it being Happy Valentine’s Day means the same.

Happy Valentine’s Day Teddy with Message Plank

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Message keychain

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Message roses

A Red Teddy Bear with a message like

I’m completely in Love with You.


I feel lucky everyday when I’m with you.

gets your love-filled verbal message across and keeps it there for a long time to come.

You should never underestimate the value of gifting on Happy Valentine’s Day. Ofcourse it doesn’t have to anything costly, it just needs to be something meaningful and a reminder of your love for times when you are not right next to the person.

Happy Valentine’s Day Coffee Mug

Happy Valentine's Day Mug Rose Locket

A coffee mug is the perfect way to remind your loved one of your love each morning, specially if they are a morning person. Add some red roses to it, and then a Love inscribed locket. You have the absolutely perfect gift for the weekend.
While gifting, remember to day this:

I Love You

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Mug Rose

February 13: Happy Kiss Day 2016

Happy Kiss Day 2016

Put your kissing skills on test with your partner who accepted your proposal just 4 days back.

Kiss Day is the penultimate day of Valentine Week. It has to be special. Ideally, if you did everything correctly, and the other person, whom you proposed, feels the same love for you as you do, you have a lot to look forward to today!

A kiss is the final form of love, binding you in a bond of love for forever. After you have given her a¬†rose, proposed,¬†shared a ¬†chocolate, gifted a Teddy, made promises¬†you’ll keep, given a special hug, you are right on your way to a very Happy Kiss Day and making Valentine’s Day 2016 a very special day!

Lips of Coffee Mug

Happy Kiss Day Coffee Mug Flipkart

Did you know kisses are a great way to burn calories?

Who knew such a pleasurable activity on Happy Kiss Day can help you looses those extra kilos too!

Remind your love, your proposal, how much you love kissing them via this Coffee Mug. A everyday reminder of the kisses you have shared and that you are going to be sharing every day in the future.

Love is Heat and you are Sweet

Happy Kiss Day Love is a heat

When you and your love don’t live together constantly, the next best thing is¬†a reminder to them for the love you have.

What better than a cushion for them to sleep on? Before they go to sleep, the Happy Kiss Day cushion will remind them of all the kisses you have shared. When they wake up the next day, the Happy Kiss Day cushion will make them look forward to sharing more kisses with you.

February 11: Happy Promise Day 2016

Happy Promise Day 2016

Make promises that you will keep.

You should only make promises you can keep, don’t make the ones you don’t intend to or cannot keep. If you make a promise on Happy Promise Day, and you don’t keep it, it just break the heart of the other person beyond repair.

When you make a promise, a token of promise (to remind you of the promise) can be in the form of a greeting card, a written note or something awesome which your imagine can create.

Happy Promise Day Forever Love Mug

Happy Promise Day forever mug

A Coffee Mug to make a promise is a really practical way to tell your love how much you love them, and remind them of your love for them. Whenever they would pour coffee into the mug, they would be reminded of you and the Happy Promise Day they celebrated with you and the promises you made to them. This would of course bring back the good memories you have had.

Remember them in your sleep

Happy Promise Day Heart cushion cover

You don’t just wish¬†Happy Promise Day to your¬†love. You tell them that your heart belong to them.

How do you do that?

By gifting them something which would constantly remind them that your heart is theirs, like this Heart Cushion Cover. Red in colour, the cushion cover has a heart of it with a couple where guy is down on a knee as is proposing to the love of his life. There are 2 cupids at the bottom of the pillow, and hearts strewn all around cover.

Upon gifting this to her, every night she goes to sleep and each morning she wakes up, she’s going to be reminded of the Happy Promise Day you made special for her.

Cushion Cover and Coffee Mug to wish Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day Cushion Cover Coffee Mug

Better than a single cushion cover is a cushion cover and a Coffee Mug.

You might not be there with your current partner to gift them so much red. We understand. Just like the colour of the site, the purplish colour is something that goes well with the Valentine theme.

You can wish her a Happy Promise Day by giving this combo of cushion cover and a mug as a reminder of the promises you make.

Love is a Promise that can last forever

Happy Promise Day love is a promise

A Coffee Mug is such a practical thing to give, that we couldn’t really emphasise it enough that we had to include another one we think leaves no stone unturned to get¬†the meaning of Happy Promise Day across to you and your love.