February 12: Happy Hug Day 2016

Happy Hug Day 2016

You don’t really need an occasion or a special day to hug the people you love, but here it is anyways to remind you to hug them specially tight on this day.

A hug is a special physical connection with your loved ones in Valentine Week. A hug on Happy Hug Day connects you instantly with the other person. Hugging the one you love shows them the love you have for them, be it your family member or someone else.

Give people in your life a Hug this Happy Hug Day and gift them a Hug Day reminder too.

Happy Hug Day cushion reminder for your soulmate

Happy Hug Day 2016 cushion cover

Red is the colour of love, love for your soulmate. Every form of love has a different colour. This cushion is a great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend to tell them that they are your soulmate forever.

It is made of the best of materials and the cover is machine washable. It is sized 12inch x 12inch making it apt for sofas, bed, chair, cars, etc., and is made of satin.

Hug Day Coffee Mug

Happy Hug Day Mug

Some people wake up with sunshine, some do with a cup of coffee. If your love wakes up with a coffee, give them this coffee mug to remind them of the warm hugs you have shared.

Make Promises to keep promises

make promises always be near me

There are always promises which a personknows that they cannot keep. Don’t make promises you cannot keep.

Let us first talk about which not to make promises:

      1. To quit smoking, drinking – This is not a promise to be made of Promise Day. Do wish a Happy Promise Day, but don’t go on to make promises you know you won’t be able to keep. Plus quitting on smoking and drinking is not really a romantic promise to make on such a day.
      2. To give up on your sleep for your partner – Normal people don’t have control over their sleep. If you try to play with sleep, it will overcome your will and make you lose at the game. Don’t fight it. Find time in your schedule for your partner.
      3. To share your food – If you want the last slice of Pizza for yourself, don’t offer it to be shared, because everyone generally has their eye on the last slice. It must be something to it being the last slice that makes its extra tempting to everyone.
      4. To give up on your friends because your partner doesn’t like them – Your friends have seen you through thick and thin, they know your lifeline very well. Your partner is special to you, but that doesn’t make the friends mean anything less that the partner. Your partner might have a different idea of friends, but like anything in life, no 2 friends are alike.
      5. To not look at any one else but your partner – It takes immense willpower to look away when someone attractive passes you. Even if you have that kind of willpower, don’t make promises you shouldn’t keep.

These are not somethings you should make promises about on Happy Promise Day.

What you may make promises about? Below are some ideas, but make you sure, once you make promises, you see through them AND You make them happen.

make promises to always be mine

      1. Promise of togetherness – Thats what everyone in love wants: to make promises of being together and keeping them forever. Say Love You a few extra times than regular and show them you mean it when you say that you are going to be together forever.
      2. Promise of honesty – Honesty is the best policy. Some people learn it the hard way in life. Always be honest with your partner. If you ever have been dishonest with your partner, openly make promises about being honest with each other. Everyone values a person who is honest with them.
      3. Promise of love – Love is the key behind the Valentine’s Day and whole of Valentine Week. You got to promise your love for them, unconditional and unlimited forever.
      4. Promise of happiness – Happy faces are the best kind of faces. Make promises to yourself and your love that whatever happens you’ll do everything in power to stay happy and positive throughout the situations.
      5. Promise of friendship – Friendship is the building block of any and every meaningful relationship. Make a promise to your love of being their friend forever and let love come secondly only, because in the end friendship keep the boat afloat.


February 11: Happy Promise Day 2016

Happy Promise Day 2016

Make promises that you will keep.

You should only make promises you can keep, don’t make the ones you don’t intend to or cannot keep. If you make a promise on Happy Promise Day, and you don’t keep it, it just break the heart of the other person beyond repair.

When you make a promise, a token of promise (to remind you of the promise) can be in the form of a greeting card, a written note or something awesome which your imagine can create.

Happy Promise Day Forever Love Mug

Happy Promise Day forever mug

A Coffee Mug to make a promise is a really practical way to tell your love how much you love them, and remind them of your love for them. Whenever they would pour coffee into the mug, they would be reminded of you and the Happy Promise Day they celebrated with you and the promises you made to them. This would of course bring back the good memories you have had.

Remember them in your sleep

Happy Promise Day Heart cushion cover

You don’t just wish Happy Promise Day to your love. You tell them that your heart belong to them.

How do you do that?

By gifting them something which would constantly remind them that your heart is theirs, like this Heart Cushion Cover. Red in colour, the cushion cover has a heart of it with a couple where guy is down on a knee as is proposing to the love of his life. There are 2 cupids at the bottom of the pillow, and hearts strewn all around cover.

Upon gifting this to her, every night she goes to sleep and each morning she wakes up, she’s going to be reminded of the Happy Promise Day you made special for her.

Cushion Cover and Coffee Mug to wish Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day Cushion Cover Coffee Mug

Better than a single cushion cover is a cushion cover and a Coffee Mug.

You might not be there with your current partner to gift them so much red. We understand. Just like the colour of the site, the purplish colour is something that goes well with the Valentine theme.

You can wish her a Happy Promise Day by giving this combo of cushion cover and a mug as a reminder of the promises you make.

Love is a Promise that can last forever

Happy Promise Day love is a promise

A Coffee Mug is such a practical thing to give, that we couldn’t really emphasise it enough that we had to include another one we think leaves no stone unturned to get the meaning of Happy Promise Day across to you and your love.

February 10: Happy Teddy Day 2016

Happy Teddy Day 2016

A Bear Hug never hurt anybody ever. It in-fact solves many a problems. Gift someone you care about, a teddy, to hug when they need you but you are not around.

A Teddy Bear traditionally has been that big and fluffy huggable plush toy. Now they come in all sizes varying from just a couples of inches tall to a few feet high. There are Happy Teddy Day Teddy’s on a keychain, and there are one’s which are 6 feet in height.

The tall ones are actually life like. The good thing is the proportion of height to width of all sizes is maintained at both ends, making the taller ones a pure hugging joy.

The smaller ones are a more practical way to show your intentions. Plus they are easier to carry around when you are in a kind-of-a secret relationship. They make immense sense at such times.

We found a few such Teddy’s for you this Happy Teddy Day

I Love You Teddy With Flower Stuffed, Soft and Plush

Happy Teddy Day 2016 I Love You Teddy With Flower Stuffed, Soft and Plush
This teddy bear is made of soft and non-toxic fabric. An adorable looking teddy, it has Soft and Cuddly filling and a hugging joy for the recipient.

Life Size Teddy Bear

Happy Teddy Day 2016 life size
A life size Teddy Bear for Happy Teddy Day is not a light deal. It weighs at 5 kilograms. But one look and you cannot keep away from it. It is like a must have for those who like Teddy’s. Ofcourse like anything oversized you need extra large space to keep it safe.

If you know your loved one has space for it, get it and gift it!

In Love with a Scholar?

Happy Teddy Day 2016 Scholar Teddy
Are you someone who’s in love with the scholarly kind? You know someone who studies a lot, and maybe has a PhD. Having a PhD though is not a requisite to gift this Scholary Teddy to them, they just need to be the studious kind.

You could even give this to someone who you think needs a morale boost to study more! It never hurts.

Love for each other

Happy Teddy Day 2016 Teddies on Heart
When you are living together as a couple, a single Teddy on Happy Teddy Day might not get feeling across, because you something to show your love for each other.

For this purpose alone, this light weight and soft Teddy Couple is the best buy for couples in love and living together.

February 09: Happy Chocolate Day 2016

Happy Chocolate Day

Shower love in the form of Chocolate on your loved ones.

Nobody can say ‘No’ to chocolate on any day anyways. The special day of Happy Chocolate Day on February 09 makes chocolates all the more special. On this day, you absolutely cannot say NO to any kind of chocolate. It might be a blessing in disguise, or it might not be; it depends on if you get your favourite chocolate or the one you hate.

Some people like, milk chocolate which is generally white in colour, some like dark chocolate with concentrated chocolate in it. To the Indian palate neither of the tastes is well accustomed. Most of the people even on Happy Chocolate Day would like a chocolate which is between the 2 extremes.

Ferrero Rocher

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Ferrero Rocher 24p
It is an Italian brand that has become extremely popular in India as a gift chocolate. If you are planning to gift your girlfriend a chocolate pack this Happy Chocolate Day, gift this 24 chocolate pack, as Ferrero Rocher is really popular with the girls.

Cadbury Assorted

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Cadbury pack
If you have a purely Indian taste for Chocolate, even this Happy Chocolate Day, go the Cadbury way. You cannot go wrong with the Cadbury special occasion edition.


Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Kisses

They are the most popular kind of White chocolate available in the market. Plus their name


Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Hershey's Kisses

Your girl cannot just say no to it, and it shows what you want right away in its name too!

Heart Chocolate Box

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Heart Chocolate Box
Nothing says you are special like a box of chocolate shaped like a heart and I Love You’s all over the box. Gotta have one!

Cadbury Silk Bubbly

Happy Chocolate Day 2016 Cadbury Silk Bubbly
The evergreen favourite of every girl out there. Since it’s launch in India, Cadbury Silk has been very popular. When you take a bit off it, you can actually get the silky feel the name talks about.

Chocolaty feelings on Chocolate Day

Our friends over at WhatsApp Messages have a good collection of images you can send her for celebrating Chocolate Day in a chocolaty way.

Have a look

Happy Chocolate Day Rose

Darling. You are the most astounding part of my waking up each morning I Love You with each beat of my heart. I Love You with every breath I take. Thank You for being part of my life.

Happy Chocolate Day heart

Life is like a chocolate box, Each chocolate is like a portion of life, Some are crunchy, some are nitty, Some are soft, but all are DELICIOUS.


Happy Chocolate Day delivers happiness

True happiness will be found only in true love but a Chocolate can deliver it

Proposing on Propose Day

Propose Day is an important part of the Valentine Week ritual. If you haven’t proposed the one you long for, you won’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, now would you?

So if you are in love, you got to profess you love to the one you love. Go out there and show them it.

Need some help in actually making Propose Day worthwhile? Our friends at WhatsApp Messages have help ready for Propose Day for us.

Happy Propose Day!!

Love is a gift

Propose Day: Love is a gift

Love is a gift

What remains is that I will always love You

Propose Day: What remains is that I will always love you

What remains is that I will always love You

I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens

Propose Day: I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens

I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens

Marriage proposal on Propose Day

Are you planning to ask her or him to marry you this Propose Day? No better day, I tell you. But how do you convey it? Let’s take a look at unique ways people around the world have proposed to their better halves, and get an idea about how to do it on Propose Day

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Tim’s Meme Proposal

Dave’s Accelerator Proposal

Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal From 26 Countries, 4 Years In The Making

Guy Falls Off Building Marriage Proposal

The Biker Who Stopped Traffic And Broke The Law For Love

The Long Exposure Proposal

The Marine Who Proposed At The White House

Propose Day

The 365-Day Proposal

Each of the proposal is special. What makes each one of them special is that the proposer knew what the other half valued a lot. Getting the other person in a zone which makes them feel special, show them that you know what they mean to you, is a very important purpose of the whole of Valentine Week, and you can make each day special like Propose Day.

February 08: Happy Propose Day 2016

Happy Propose Day

Happy Propose Day 2016

It is the day to propose to your crush, or officially propose for marriage to the Love of your life.

While there are many ways to propose to that someone special in your life, but if you want to keep it simple, a card and a well-meant gift can get your feelings across very well.

How about a Propose Day Greeting card, a Rose and a Heart Locket as a gift this Propose Day?

Happy Propose Day 3

You can never fail with a Red Rose on Propose Day, infact Happy Propose Day cannot be happy without a Red Rose. The heart locket of the combo clearly passes on your intention to her too, it has Love written on top of it 🙂 and opens up to show 2 hearts. Get creative and insert yours and hers photo in the hearts to show her what you really mean.

The Greeting Card has a lovely message inside it too to wish Happy Propose Day to her.
Happy Propose Day card

It says,

I love the way you look at me, always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, and glad that you are mine.
Wishing you happy LOVE.

Even though the gift combo is a great idea for celebrating any day of the Valentine’s Week, if you want to be really clear to you girl that you are wishing her Happy Propose Day, here’s a coffee mug

Happy Propose Day coffee mug

The mug makes sure that your message gets across very clearly to her this Propose Day that she means the world to you, and you are going to be there for her at all times.

Planning to Propose?

We have you covered! Proposing on Propose Day

Rose Day: What does colour of a rose mean?

Rose Day is a special day. It marks the start of Valentine Week every year.

Loving Couple on Rose Day

Flowers are the best way to tell someone that you value them a lot. You could send flowers to someone special any day of the year, like on New Year’s and your anniversary, but when there’s a special day for them, be sure to send them that day!

Since ages flowers have been quite a popular way to express ‘love’, or ‘like’ for the young ones. One can do that using different colours of the roses on Rose Day. Some girls have a special liking to a particular rose colour, and giving that special coloured one will bring out emotions in them which you didn’t know existed.

Meaning of different Rose colours

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