Couple gifts for Valentine’s Day

Are you a couple who lives together? Live-in, married or otherwise?

We have got just the gifts for love birds like you.

Parker Valentine Day Special Edition Pens for couples

Happy Valentine's Day couple gifts

Everyone loves a nice pen. There’s no nicer budget premium pen like Parker’s.

Parker has come up with couple gifts special edition pens for Valentine’s Day. The ball pens in red, clearly tells the holder that you will be

always together.

I Too Had A Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day couple gifts I too had a love story

Everyone has a love story that only they know about. Birthday of St. Valentine is actually one fine day to talk and share that story, or stories, at the end of the day of course, and in drunk stupor preferably.

Or, if the 2 of you are book readers, the hardcover kind of reader, you could have I Too Had a Love Story as a couple gifts. It has been a national bestseller, and thats something for a first time author. The author, Ravinder Singh, an Infoscion has been even praised by N R Narayan Murthy for the book.

The Longer Ride

Happy Valentine's Day couple gifts Longerst Ride

The book by Nicholas Sparks is a fiercely romantic tale of 2 couples, which has touching turns and twists in their love stories.

This story tells of two couples who have little in common. It so happens that their lives converge unexpectedly and the book tells us of what unfolds. It also explains to the reader quite poignantly that the most difficult decisions give you the more extraordinary results.

Couples that read together, fall asleep together,
Couples that fall asleep together, wake up together,
Couples that wake up together, fall deeper in love everyday.

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