Couple gifts for Valentine’s Day

Are you a couple who lives together? Live-in, married or otherwise? We have got just the gifts for love birds like you. Parker Valentine Day Special Edition Pens for couples Everyone loves a nice pen. There’s no nicer budget premium … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day message from Michelle and Barrack Obama

When Michelle Obama wished Barrack Obama on Television’s Ellen Show with a little poem she put together while she was doing 100 pushups, Barrack had to share his message on the TV too.

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21: U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dance together during the Comander-in-Chief's Inaugural Ball at the Walter Washington Convention Center January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC. Obama was sworn-in for his second term of office earlier in the day. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Roses are red

Violets are blue

You are the president

And I am your boo

Though Barrack Obama had written something he was going to share when he got home, but since Michelle surprised him on Ellen’s show, he decided to do it on live TV itself.

February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

Take an OFF, and spend the day with your partner, the one you love.

Happy Valentine's Day

This is it!

This is the day which the Valentine Week is created around. It’s Happy Valentine’s Day you all!

Nothing says I Love You better than saying I Love You.

There are ways you can surely convey it better. Rather than just saying it, you can show your love in your actions, or in the well thought gifts you can get them.

Happy Valentine’s Day Teddy

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Tile Stand

Nothing says I love you better than a cute teddy sitting on bedside announcing

I want to be
the only Hand
you ever need
to Hold

Happy Valentine’s Day Cushion and Rose

Happy Valentine's Day Cushion Message Rose

A cushiony cushion for your love friend telling them that yours is the only hand that they need to hold on is a gentle but firm reminder of your love for them on Happy Valentine’s Day. Plus a Message Plate saying the same thing, can be used as twice the reminder 🙂

A Red Rose is the right way to say I Love You on any day of the year, and it being Happy Valentine’s Day means the same.

Happy Valentine’s Day Teddy with Message Plank

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Message keychain

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Message roses

A Red Teddy Bear with a message like

I’m completely in Love with You.


I feel lucky everyday when I’m with you.

gets your love-filled verbal message across and keeps it there for a long time to come.

You should never underestimate the value of gifting on Happy Valentine’s Day. Ofcourse it doesn’t have to anything costly, it just needs to be something meaningful and a reminder of your love for times when you are not right next to the person.

Happy Valentine’s Day Coffee Mug

Happy Valentine's Day Mug Rose Locket

A coffee mug is the perfect way to remind your loved one of your love each morning, specially if they are a morning person. Add some red roses to it, and then a Love inscribed locket. You have the absolutely perfect gift for the weekend.
While gifting, remember to day this:

I Love You

Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Mug Rose

Mera dil tere kadma ch, tu chak taan sahhi

Main dil rakhta tere kadma ch
Tu chak tan sahi
Tu chak tan sahi

Eh naam tera hi lainda rehnda
Tu sunn tan sahi
Tu sunn tan sahi

Main poora saal wait karda si
Teri haan di wait karda si
Main poora saal wait karda si
Teri haan di wait karda si

Mainu laggda renda si darr
Tere piche laggi line da

Vekhi aaj na na kar dayin
Aaj din valentine da
Vekhi aaj na na kar dayin
Aaj din valentine da

Teri ghar di bahri khuldi si
Osse than rukk janda si
Vichon vekh ke sohna mukh
Mera saah rukk janda si

Vichon vekh ke sohna mukh
Mera saah ruk janda si

Ae doori nu hate karda si
Ae milne di wait karda si
Ae doori nu hate karda si
Milne di wait karda si

Tu samajh saki na matlab mere
Ditte sign da

Vekhi ajj na naa kar dayin
Aaj din valentine da
Vekhi ajj na naa kar dayin
Aaj din valentine da

Na sone di ring diamond da
Na koi koka de sakda
Bas main tan tainu umran de lai
Khusiyan de sakda
Bas main tan tainu umran de lai
Khusiyan de sakda

Hai yakeen taan haami bharde
Nirmaan de na jind karde
Hai yakeen taan haami bharde
Nirmaan de na jind karde

Mainu chadheya tera pyar
Haaye ni jive nasha wine da


Vekhi aaj na naa kar dayin
Aaj din valentine da
Vekhi aaj na naa kar dayin
Aaj din valentine da

Vekhi aaj na naa kar dayin
Aaj din valentine da

Dil Ninja Mera dil tere kadma ch, tu chak taan sahhi

via Lyricsted

e dil hai tera, ennu tu chak ke rakh ta sahi

Little bit of this and a lot of that, all for love

A little bit of this and that!

A little bit of thoughfulness
…and a lot of persistence

The kisses on the forehead

Unexpected head massages

Heated arguments
and patient listenings

When are you coming home?
Stuck at work 🙁

A lot of understanding

A few sacrifices
and a lot of surprises.

A little bit of possesiveness
and a lot of jealousy

A little bit of craziness
and lots of laughter

A little extra effort…
from both ends

Being supportive

Making each other better
and adorably so!

Little bit of this

Kiss your love this Kiss Day

It’s Kiss Day you all!

Time to Kiss! Kiss!! Kiss!!!

13 of February is historically celebrated as the Kiss Day, the day leading to Valentine’s Day on 14 of February.

It’s time to get ready to kiss your love, the one you proposed or the one you are already in relation with!

Kiss Day kiss

Are you kiss ready on Kiss Day?

If you are not, fret not, we have tips for you right here.

Avoid foul-smelling food

Avoid foul smelling food like you would the plague. Onion, radish, garlic. Remember these, and remember to avoid them if you going to kiss anyone on Kiss Day.

Probably nobody, read as no one ever, likes to taste one of the foul smelling mouth while kissing. Avoid it! Skip the meal if you have to.

Moisten your lips

Moist lips are the key to a nice lip-lock on Kiss Day, or any other day too. You should anyways drink quite a lot of water, but on such a special day, take care to drink extra if you have to.

Happy Kiss Day moist lips

If you tend to get dry lips due to certain weather conditions, or while nervous, use a good lip balm or maybe even some Vaseline petroleum jelly on your lips to give them the necessary moisture to keep them moist when needed 😉

No smoking and no tobacco products

Happy Kiss Day cigars

Smoking never gave a Smoker a fragrant breath, and on Kiss Day is it not going to change. Avoid any kind of Cigar
, Cigar etc when you plan to meet your partner and indulge in this beautiful calorie-loss activity. Similarly avoid any tobacco product you might use

You might be addicted to any of these, like you are addicted to onion, but we bet you can stay away from them one day. Better to fight your addiction than to lose your love because of them!

Oral Hygiene

Never stray away from you oral hygiene routine. The minimum of which contains brushing your teeth twice a day. Kiss Day is no different day, so you might as well brush twice before leaving the house for that date though. Brushing and flossing your teeth make sure your teeth don’t have any discolouration, plaque or something similar and your mouth doesn’t smell foul.


Mints or mouth fresheners come in handy on Kiss Day. Even when you have taken all the precautions of avoiding foul-smelling food, cigarette or any other tobacco product, your mouth might still smell a tad bad. You can never know about theses things, so it becomes imperative to keep a ready to use fragrant for your kissable mouth on Kiss Day.

Happy Kiss Day hugging couple

February 13: Happy Kiss Day 2016

Happy Kiss Day 2016

Put your kissing skills on test with your partner who accepted your proposal just 4 days back.

Kiss Day is the penultimate day of Valentine Week. It has to be special. Ideally, if you did everything correctly, and the other person, whom you proposed, feels the same love for you as you do, you have a lot to look forward to today!

A kiss is the final form of love, binding you in a bond of love for forever. After you have given her a rose, proposed, shared a  chocolate, gifted a Teddy, made promises you’ll keep, given a special hug, you are right on your way to a very Happy Kiss Day and making Valentine’s Day 2016 a very special day!

Lips of Coffee Mug

Happy Kiss Day Coffee Mug Flipkart

Did you know kisses are a great way to burn calories?

Who knew such a pleasurable activity on Happy Kiss Day can help you looses those extra kilos too!

Remind your love, your proposal, how much you love kissing them via this Coffee Mug. A everyday reminder of the kisses you have shared and that you are going to be sharing every day in the future.

Love is Heat and you are Sweet

Happy Kiss Day Love is a heat

When you and your love don’t live together constantly, the next best thing is a reminder to them for the love you have.

What better than a cushion for them to sleep on? Before they go to sleep, the Happy Kiss Day cushion will remind them of all the kisses you have shared. When they wake up the next day, the Happy Kiss Day cushion will make them look forward to sharing more kisses with you.